Hi everyone! It has been a while here, but those of you who follow me on instagram (@leanosphere, or link lower) have seen me recently so they know I have not been that inactive artistically speaking. It's the beginning of June now, but I did some days of MerMay with sketches and decided to color them lately. I was supposed to do so with pencils and markers but I began to have trust again in my computer and did it digitally in the end. So here it goes, this Mermaid is a Poisson Ogre, and I drew her the day I was not feeling so great, anxious and all, so she might represent that state where you want to do something with your life but are too scared to do so.
So here it is, I give you the sketch and the final version. I'm still having a lot of trouble with coloring and I definitely need to find my style if I want to keep on drawing, so I think I might change the format anytime soon.
Enjoy :*